The love since this early hours of the morning is too much within respect to the memorial of father today the other side of it thank you very much my church ministry members.

You been lenting you been holding on has God answered your prayer yet?

I was thinking and remembered when I was a child hosanna a child of God am sure you know me enough like that so I went to Africa to my father’s office I was jet lagged from Africa to Middle East and Europe so when I was in his office hosanna after is not just because my father was wealthy it was because I was Eze-Nwanyi Ndidi Ajike so I use to eat hosanna things that were very special for am telling you I didn’t even ask for the meal or something like that am talking serious meat from like Africa and it would prepared in a certain way for and me and myself alone I would be so thankful to God upon the meal hosanna.

Eze-Nwanyi Ndidi Ajike Worldwide Church Ministry

Pastor Ndidi Ajike

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