Finance, Love & Youthfulness.

Hallelujah I am actually looking forward to preaching more upon this for my ministry members and for it to be televised on my television channel there is always a reason to give God all the glory. I believe today is about elevation in many things which I am going to preach upon. But Love is very strong in this one and Finance is very strong also. Is one of those ones, you there and the God pours that miracle all up in you and all over you and I am like hallelujah endless amen wait yes I have a testimony but is my yes so am going to enjoy it for myself before I start telling everybody about it only me and my other half has that special miracle so am going to scream amen all over it because I have been praying all over it for a while. But am like am I talking about love or finance . Am like Pastor Patience Ajike am talking about both but there is just this special miracle that God just poured in for me and my other half am like hallelujah for a moment so am screaming elevation glory but is for me to preach about but the miracle am talking is too special. Glory am going to preach more about the topic for this Imperial Ministries, ministry members. Hallelujah.

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