Are You Trying To Say To Me

Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike I was able to receive my miracle and glory whilst you was watching my religious fellowship on Channel NTA Abia Nigeria and Beyond. Hosanna

As you are watching my prayer line is on let me thank God for you or deal with that your situation. 00447506312944. Kindly make sure you have your Visa Card or Master Card ready to sow a financial seed before I can go ahead and get heaven to open in the name of God.

Let me give God that glory for sending me into the world in the realm there was a situation so I am going to scream hosanna upon it I thank God to everyone of my worldwide church ministry members that has not denied God for being wonderful you know there are just things for me in the presence of God, in the mist of the righteous, in the Kingdom of God, let me touch down on earth even the honey from the bumblebee is yum especially if you woke up today and you had breakfast like at 4am or 5am hosanna, and I thank God for today and the wonderful lent Lord here our prayer thank you God.

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