This year 2019 has been wonderful

The best thing that happened to me has to be the fact that many would say the got closer to me this year 2019 whilst I was 20 years of age but hallelujah upon that.

Fact ineeed I happily glorified God as I turned 21 this year 2019 8 August Hallelujah. I know more than many would say the got even closer to knowing me and worshiping with me at my age of 21 now Amen.

But the best thing that happened to me this year has to be the fact that,

my wonderful mansion that I inherited from my father the very wealthy and the former president of Nigeria and other countries and nations,His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike,

I have been focusing on making it my own as it my hallelujah.

However this year God was able to bless me and fasting up the completion process is progressing and I am hoping that my approximately over 100 bedrooms to 300 bedrooms mansion is going to be ready when God wants it to be in 2020 am banking on my birthday 8 August 2020 but I am waiting on God but I am so happy with the blessing of its building completing progress and it for real I really inherited a mansion from my father His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike thank God.

Hallelujah Am Blessed From Pastor Patience Ndidi Jezebel Ajike