I honestly only just saw the sunrise who is fasting and praying 8am to 8pm today? hosanna.

There are two who? Joseph

One was a babysitter and the other his brothers Simeon, Levi, and the rest were jealous of his cute coat that his father gave him it had colours because of envy when they got hungry someone said oh it that your brother then one replied and said yep you can have him if you want so his brothers sold him to a stranger a nobody but the coat is too pretty oh what about the special babysitter one hosanna. His not a babysitter he was a very special guardian to the most important somebody that Joseph is very special some could refer him with the special Christian Christmas season his the Joseph that everybody know’s about. Pastor Jezebel Ajike.

Are You Trying To Say To Me

Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike I was able to receive my miracle and glory whilst you was watching my religious fellowship on Channel NTA Abia Nigeria and Beyond. Hosanna

As you are watching my prayer line is on let me thank God for you or deal with that your situation. 00447506312944. Kindly make sure you have your Visa Card or Master Card ready to sow a financial seed before I can go ahead and get heaven to open in the name of God.

Let me give God that glory for sending me into the world in the realm there was a situation so I am going to scream hosanna upon it I thank God to everyone of my worldwide church ministry members that has not denied God for being wonderful you know there are just things for me in the presence of God, in the mist of the righteous, in the Kingdom of God, let me touch down on earth even the honey from the bumblebee is yum especially if you woke up today and you had breakfast like at 4am or 5am hosanna, and I thank God for today and the wonderful lent Lord here our prayer thank you God.

Hosanna 8 Slots on Channel NTA Nigeria Abia This Month. I think it is a well deserved Cuddle Up Tonight at 23:30hrs Nigeria Time Channel NTA Abia especially if you are in your beautiful compound.

I don’t really want to go into preaching with the reason why the chosenone is found in the in the celebration am respecting today within reference to my father the wealthy Kalu Kalu Ajike.

However, when am preaching and you can see me in flesh, I am going to touch on human beings upon the fact that I have everlasting life, Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike am only 22 years of age but I only wish long life prosperity and good health with all that I am still very beautiful no matter the age you at the moment in the Kingdom of God for Eze-Nwanyi ShebaPatience Ajike Worldwide Church Ministry members.

The love since this early hours of the morning is too much within respect to the memorial of father today the other side of it thank you very much my church ministry members.

You been lenting you been holding on has God answered your prayer yet?

I was thinking and remembered when I was a child hosanna a child of God am sure you know me enough like that so I went to Africa to my father’s office I was jet lagged from Africa to Middle East and Europe so when I was in his office hosanna after is not just because my father was wealthy it was because I was Eze-Nwanyi Ndidi Ajike so I use to eat hosanna things that were very special for am telling you I didn’t even ask for the meal or something like that am talking serious meat from like Africa and it would prepared in a certain way for and me and myself alone I would be so thankful to God upon the meal hosanna.

Eze-Nwanyi Ndidi Ajike Worldwide Church Ministry

Pastor Ndidi Ajike