Drawing Nearer To This Ministry, Because Your Are An Old Member Or A New Member.

Hallelujah I love God with all my heart but is still more time for me to confirm if I have started or finished writing my hallelujah Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike Igbo Bible I know is going to be in Igbo language however by the time I have even said thank you to God about how wonderful he is I know It would properly be available in a few more languages. So to God be the glory and God bless you this Sunday where ever you are in the world as Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike ministries, my ministry members.


If you are a member of Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike Ministry, if you want to do something good with your offering today God bless you hallelujah you know have am getting to you and you are saying hallelujah thank God you free from all those set back already but hallelujah amen kindly scroll down to Pastor Patience Ajike Ministry offering and tights scroll on this ministry website and send in your offering and tights through wire transfer. Hallelujah do you want to thank God for something or do you have something you want me Pastor Jezebel Ajike to pray for you about send me that prayer request as well.

Hallelujah is alright if you are saying but I don’t know if I have been that good and you know in certain situations the only help you have is God and his mercy and righteousness so don’t worry living is beautiful just keep coming closer to the ministry so that you can gradually understand what you have been destined for instead of being all confuse about certain things and can’t understand that when something belongs to someone you can say amen I am happy for you but you don’t start acting like is got anything to do with you. Offcouse it hasn’t and you know this very well. What is someone else’s is not yours so come closer to the ministry so that you can understand your destiny and God can bless you with your own. I am going to let you go on that hallelujah is not too late 

However some members of this ministry has been believing in God for many years are my members still with me hallelujah some of them and some of them are just way too blessed hallelujah am happy for you but because we know how to say I got blessed I had faith hallelujah. 

But you know for some of you, did you see when I had that praise already and you didn’t remember to say Pastor Patience Ajike tell God to do something for me or Pastor Patience Ajike you have been praying for a long time as a pastor and am still a member of your ministry well hallelujah don’t worry am going to let you go in that is not too late however I thank God if you are starting to come nearer again God blesss you. 

Pastor Patience Ajike

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit

I always find it very superior of God how he pours out his what I would diction as words can not even begin to describe during the period of lent.

I have been a Christian for many years, God is a merciful God, my intention is to allow the glory and the manifestation of God to come to past during this beautiful flourishing period of lent and hallelujah of in what God can do if you have okwukwe.

Pastor Patience Ajike ministry has been going for many years my ministry members are still with me and we even got new ones hallelujah

however I only know how to physically allow God to dwell in me and through me but because God’s love is too much I thought I devour it slightly before you get ready to feel it during Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike ministeries Pastor Patience Ajike’s Religious television show:  that is called * “Endless Time of Invasion of Fortune, Love, Luck and Holy Light.”

I know how to 100% honestly live by that 10 commandments, one of my family member, use to say to me dear Pastor Jezebel Ajike and I be like hallelujah I don’t sin I have not even broken the 10 commandments hallelujah

I was just too in love with God and just too holy

Hallelujah don’t forget to scroll through the ministry website as you utilise your offering properly.

Hallelujah is too hallelujah my ministry members would know me too well on this subject “The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit” but I preach about it I don’t just dictation about it so hallelujah as God preparers Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike ministries Pastor Patience Ajike’s Religious television show:  that is called * “Endless Time of Invasion of Fortune, Love, Luck and Holy Light.”

Hallelujah to Pastor Patience Ajike Ministry members that are looking forward to coming to Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike Ministry Alters in different parts of the World God is going to intervene for sure banker hallelujah amen.

Pastor Patience Ajike

A few more days to go for lent.

Hallelujah I say a prayer if you have been fasting through out this lent

Today is the 36th day of lent Amen

We still got a few more day till it is Good Friday Next Month and the Celebration begins.

Pastor Patience Ajike Ministries members hallelujah I have been strong in Prayer through out but why don’t you order the Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike healing cloth and enjoy what God is going to do for you hallelujah.

You going to a higher place thank you for your prayer request.

Pastor Patience Ajike

Being normal and being your self

I can not wait to preach on screen, members of Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike Ministry Hallelujah is approaching just getting ready with the programming amen.

As God is preparing the opening of Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike World Ministries Alters so that my church members can devour the pouring glory of God that is going to happen. I pray yee my ministry members are enriched with what you are desiring from God as long as it is your own and not another person’s own thou shall not steal reamber and thou shall not show envy it doesn’t get you anywhere.

Send me through your prayer request and financial seed, scroll through the ministry website now on how to send it through.

God bless you hallelujah

Pastor Patience Ajike

Hallelujah I keep getting that you can’t wait to watch me preach hallelujah on my Television Channel. Amen, God bless you hallelujah, browse and thank you as you send your financial seeds and prayer request you going to higher place pastor Patience Ajike ministry church members. Hallelujah

Lent is going very well so I might as well diction it slightly so slightly on that topic of love

Well I pray you are not lonely and finding yourself obsessed with what is not your own hallelujah

Well you know I don’t have a problem in that area I have always been very lucky in Love but is not about the fact Pastor Patience Ajike is still young and still loving God is about fact hallelujah now am yours hallelujah we civil because is you that wanted me so much hallelujah you love me hallelujah is really special init love is between you and your fiancé /fiancée init if he/she loves you that much, is not about feeling about it is about living about it, love don’t break up but love can argue but love is not disrespectful but love can require space but love lasts forever, love listens and love speaks.

I was going to pray about it but I might as well keep diction upon it

You know when you there and you say I love you too but you know am just going to accept myself just as I am because God is good. Hallelujah.

There is a particular scripture, that very devouring I am to preach more upon it touching on it slightly the husband and wife are for each other. No asunder no interference just the husband and the wife. Hallelujah. There is that blissful of that thing cold a special love between the husband and wife did know you love lasts forever.

That’s why love is between the love one that’s is love that’s why love has space that’s why love is private that’s why it is not acceptable to trespass in love love is so the one can be happy and not just talk about how beautiful thier love loves them. What is the point of love if the one that is loved can not even get a day to enjoy love because the one that is loved is in love.

Hallelujah actually know what, you know me am still thinking about where I want to vist next because I screamed a praise on it but God is good when I can just say you know hallelujah very romantic is so cool i got to go visit a place becauseof love, you know love is indulging because is lasting forever hallelujah.

Am just touching on the topic of love don’t touch what is not your own do you know how long love is for my prayer for you if you have not messed your self up yet and you are still waiting for the right person bless you if is the one or not but it doesn’t mean you not gonna be together because the one ain’t like you find it anywhere.

But you know when you go and you work, then before you know it you are older than the work you know to do and you realise you are lonely forever oh dear I tell you something am trying to saying that am talking about any of my church members am just saying as it is so you don’t make that mistake.

So on that I pray you are not going to obsess over what is not your own and start believing in God to bless you with your own someone that is going to care for you.

It had to be said when they are single they don’t know how disgusting the look obsessing over what is not thier own yeah hallelujah he or she love he or she get it. Get away and get your own in Jesus on just oh the are so in love but don’t see that love and start barking over what is someone else special love do you know what love takes that is why love last forever.


I think if you keep saying oh yeah because I said yes now, I tell am saying hallelujah

Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike

27th Day of Lent 2020

Today is the 27 day of lent hallelujah I was actually just thinking about that wonderful scripture in the Old Testament I use to preach upon and devour upon that speaks about the 27 day of the second month. But you know today is 23 March 2020 and lent started 26 February 2020 even the Ohafia’s had a previous calendar. 

Hallelujah who is with me in honesty and righteousness fasting 6am to 12pm,  6am to 6pm, 6am to 8pm or even doing the dried fasting.

My intention was not about preaching about anything that was not real but I think it must have been last year. You know when God is in control then something really good happens and I was like hallelujah God was that all for me hallelujah thank you God.


Everything is all beautiful today am still allowing God to intervene so that I can proceed on set with my religious television show   that is called * “Endless Time of Invasion of Fortune, Love, Luck and Holy Light.” To be broadcasted on my global international television channel that is called Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Global Television Channel. hallelujah and how very excited I am that I am going to devour “My blessed by God different occupations” it is going to be beautiful and powerful.

Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike

Happy Mother’s Day From Pastor Patience Ajike

First Sunday of the month of March 2020, hallelujah i am not a mum yet, but if I don’t put a praise today, then you know my church members could come and say Pastor Patience Ajike can you pray for me for the fruit of the womb amen. I said Amen

Alright thank you to my mum that had me.

Hallelujah I was happy when National Woman day dropped a few years ago.  Hallelujah.

Also and any other mums that was married and thier husband was older than them and they had their children,  and any other mums that are still married and are still together with their husband that is older than them hallelujah and they are still supporting thier children.

Hallelujah am not trying to run from being a mum my other half hasn’t married me yet hallelujah and I only grew up like the other day hallelujah and I only became an adult like the other day hallelujah.


Happy Mother’s Day

Pastor Patience Ajike.