The Daughter Of The Devoted Christian, His Excellency, A Very Wealthy & Very Powerful Kalu Kalu Ajike & Lily Ajike A Virgin & A Christian, {the God extremely given beautiful, extremely holy, extremely righteous, extremely faithful to God & extremely devoted to God Queen Of Sheba Patience Ndidi Ajike}.

My Worldwide Church Ministry Members, my pending members for my Cathedral, Church, Alter, Temple, Chapel, Bethel, you are all welcome. Righteousness & Righteous Peace. Pastor ShebaPatience Ajike.

Queen Of Sheba Ajike is a very powerful strong holy religious woman of God almighty, heavens, earth, planets, world, creations and cosmics that is a prayer warrior champion.

Queen Of Sheba Ajike from birth was born with very strong religious God given abilities, righteous religious very strong abilities powers for many different things, anointing, over flow of abilities to conquer righteously religiously in any situation, exceptional religious blessed gifts from birth.

Queen Of Sheba Ajike is Ohafia/ Hebrew/Ohafia/Yorkshire/Egypt/Leeds/Igbo/Ireland/Igbo/Ohafia Igbo/USA/Igbo Ohafia/Italy/Igbo Ohafia/Brazil/Igbo Ohafia tribe [Her Religion Is Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox, Presbyterian & Roman Catholic] {Her Roman Catholic Baptism Was On 24 August 1998, 26 August 1998} {Her Roman Catholic/Anglican Baptism Was 31 October 1998 with a Catholic confirmed} {Her Roman Catholic/Anglican Holy Communion Confirmation Was 2011}.[She Is Black Madonna as of 8 August 1998, 24 August 1998, 26 August 1998] [She Is Jehova as of August 8 August 1998] [She Is Jaso as of August 8 1998] [She Is Christ as of August 8 1998] [She Is Jesus as of 28 February 2000/ 8 August 2000] [She Is Saviour as of 28 February 2000/ 2000 August 8. {Let me love God as much as 8 August that is uncountable, God created everything is his world, including the different planets, every living thing worship & live for God. If i am getting sent anywhere it would only be to God. Queen Of Sheba Ajike}.

Queen Of Sheba Ajike was born with very exceptional powerful strong righteous religious ability spiritual powers. Gift of connection with God on 8 August 1998 at 15:00 hundred hours, Surname: Ajike. Name: Queen Of Sheba, Eze-Nwanyi Egojiuka, Eze-Nwanyi Sheba, Hebrew, Eze-Nwanyi ShebaPatience, Eze-Nwanyi Patient, Babylon, Eze-Nwanyi PatienceSheba, Ugwunwa, Jezebel, Eze-Nwanyi Ndidi Ajike, Dinar, Ruth, Santa Maria, Ave Maria, Kate.

Queen Of Sheba Ajike. Date Of Birth: 8 August 1998. Time Of Birth: 15:00 hundred hours, Place Of Birth: GB,Yorkshire. Origin: Ohafia Mix Origin: Native America RedIndia, Jewish, Egypt, Native African America, Jerusalem, Arab, Israel, Jordan, Native Africa Canada, Native RedIndia Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Ohafia, Ohafia Igbo, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar, Igbo, Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Australia, Imo State, Ireland, Mauritius, Ohafia, Babylon, Abia State, Ohafia, Jericho, Umuguma.

The Ohafia Hebrew girl Queen Of Sheba Ajike.

Gift of vision

Gift of dreams 

Gift of healing 

Gift of prophecy 

Gift of child birth 

Gift of breathing to stay alive

Gift of deliverance 

Gift of wealth 

Gift of riches

Gift of prosperity 

Gift of miracle 

Gift of luck 

Gift of favour

Gift of fortune 

Gift of finance 

Gift of life path

Gift of destiny 

Gift of future life

Gift of past life 

Gift of present life interpretations

Gift of cleansing 

Gift of love 

Gift of knowledge 

Gift of purity

Gift of anointing  

Gift of prayer

Gift of praying in tongue 

Gift of abundance

Gift of long life

Gift of good health

Gift of youthfulness

Gift of beauty and handsome

Gift of occupations

Gift of connection in the realm of the spirit

Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Ajike Worldwide Church Ministry, prayer requests, becoming a friend with the ministry, financial tithe, financial present, financial offering and financial pledge can be sent to: Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Ajike Ministry using the contact key page that is on this Worldwide Church Ministry website or Queen Of Sheba Ajike Worldwide Church Ministry Ohafia Abia State, Italy, USA or Middle East, the correspondence address to be announced, however in the time being you can call Pastor Patience Sheba Ajike Worldwide Church Ministry 24 hours prayer help line on 00234 the rest of the number to be announced soon.