Hallelujah Amen

You know I was actually going to talk about the divine first class rush of favour of God yes like that.

But when the Lord blesses you, you are blessed and even the mountains is where you gonna hear my praise and what my God can do for me.

Am going to rebuke some obstacles take prayer requests so how many of my church members is sending me a prayer request as soon as it is 8am ?where ever you are in the world, hallelujah, but have faith because my faith is all glory.

Send it through to me Pastor Patience Ajike

Surely you do know that I shall announce to you my ministry members new and old, how you shall be able to send in to me your prayer request. However you got approximately 20 days left this whole year, a few days for the final Christian month in this year, which the final Christian mouth is this month, hallelujah to write me Pastor Pastor Patience Ajike that prayer request. What it is you are wanting me to pray for you upon and the seed with your prayer is one million of your own currency in the country that you are in right now you are this morning.

Nevertheless, hallelujah God bless you as I get your prayer requests, my church members, but you know am going to preach more upon this God blessings on screen you ready to watch it? in most countries? get ready for me to tell you when am preaching and am live, on most of your television screens.

Hallelujah am catching all the glory this morning I definitely said it before my birthday that’s for sure but so are you still looking forward to that business empowerment when I get a minute or two with my other half, am going to get the hosanna on his face and knowledge to share with me a thing or two, though I know more than enough about that. Many Blessings and Love Pastor Patience Ajike

Healing Cloth Christmas Special instalment payment

Healing Cloth

Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike Ministry church members. I Pastor Patience Ajike has got a beautiful righteous strong healing cloth it’s costing {#1000000}one million Naira get yours now you believer and you are saying in your heart that you have faith. Well come your testimony can come to past by making payment for your healing cloth by sending in your prayer request to Surprise Imperial & Imperial Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike Miniseries milling correspondence. when I announce it. Till then send proceed by sending an email to ezenwanyiugwunwaajike@gmail.com so you can pay by wire transfer, PayPal or open chq.

Send in your request to I Pastor Patience Ajike and request for you my healing cloth. You can pay the full

#1000000(one million Niara) or you can spread it out in eight instalments don’t forget to then putting your full details and your address to revive it and insure your payment in full or instalment is an open chq, wire transfer or PayPal

I Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike, I have prayed over it so as you request for yours get ready for what my father God can do.

Many Blessings and Love Pastor Patience Ajike.

Finance, Love & Youthfulness.

Hallelujah I am actually looking forward to preaching more upon this for my ministry members and for it to be televised on my television channel there is always a reason to give God all the glory. I believe today is about elevation in many things which I am going to preach upon. But Love is very strong in this one and Finance is very strong also. Is one of those ones, you there and the God pours that miracle all up in you and all over you and I am like hallelujah endless amen wait yes I have a testimony but is my yes so am going to enjoy it for myself before I start telling everybody about it only me and my other half has that special miracle so am going to scream amen all over it because I have been praying all over it for a while. But am like am I talking about love or finance . Am like Pastor Patience Ajike am talking about both but there is just this special miracle that God just poured in for me and my other half am like hallelujah for a moment so am screaming elevation glory but is for me to preach about but the miracle am talking is too special. Glory am going to preach more about the topic for this Imperial Ministries, ministry members. Hallelujah.